Residential and Commercial Wall Applications

Creating a custom tile mural is only limited by your imagination. WE can infuse any type of original artwork, photography or graphic design permanently into a wide range of tile bodies and sizes. WE offers ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tiles ranging in sizes from 1” mosaics to large format tiles.

When starting a custom tile project, we recommend discussing your idea with one of our experienced designers to help choose the size and type of tile for your application. Our tiles are suitable for wet applications such as shower and backsplashes and are proven over years of real life installation to be extremely durable in all commercial applications.

Exterior Murals and Commercial Floors

WE is the industry leader in exterior mural applications that require UV stability. Utilizing a kiln fired toner process our exterior murals can withstand exposure to direct sun even under the harshness’ of the most extreme climate conditions. Public Art Murals can now be enjoyed for generations without fear of fading with little to no maintenance required.

This same Kiln Fired process is also used in Commercial Floor applications. Our floor tiles are designed to withstand even the heaviest of commercial foot traffic in public areas. There are now unlimited possibilities of what a commercial space can be or convey.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles and repeating patterns offer a unique accent to any custom tile project. Imagine being able to create your own deco tile or incorporate a design element into a repeating pattern that is genuinely unique only to your project.