Route 66 | Custom Outdoor Murals

Paul Whitehill has been working on a tile mural project for the Lebanon-Laclede County Route 66 Society in Lebanon, Missouri since the concept first was talked about in 2015. They envisioned a “Pocket” park within the existing Boswell Park that would have a Route 66 theme. Lebanon is on the original Route 66 and is rich in its history.

It was decided that three free standing walls would be constructed within the pocket park for the tile murals to be installed on. Each mural would be 10’ tall x 20’ wide using 12” x 12” porcelain tiles.

The artwork for the first two murals were designed by the Whitehill Enterprises Graphic Design Team The first mural celebrates the history of Route 66 within the city limits of the Lebanon. On the tight side of the mural there are 10 vertical postcards photos of iconic locations and landmarks. The second mural celebrates the history of Route 66 in Laclede County where within Lebanon resides. 10 vertical postcard photos adorn the left side of the artwork depicting iconic locations and landmarks within the county.

Paul worked with a local Lebanon graphic artist on the art for the third mural. This mural is dedicated to the legacy of the Nelson Family of Lebanon who operated many of the Route 66 roadside services such as motels, restaurants, pubs and many other businesses. The Nelson Family also contributed funding to help make the Route 66 Pocket Park possible.

The construction of the Route 66 Park was handled by the Lebanon Parks & Recreation Department. Although some funding was provided for initial funding, the tile murals were entirely funded by donations of local individuals, businesses and organizations.

The first mural was installed in February 2017. The second mural was installed in June of 2017 and third mural was installed in April of 2018. A celebration of the donors will be held on May 6th, 2018 in which a special tile donor plaque with each of the donors names will be revealed.

Whitehill Enterprises used the Kiln Fired Ceramic Toner process to image these tiles. They are UV and Graffiti resistant and will last for generations to enjoy.

Lebanon MO

ROUTE 66 MURAL | Donor Plaque | Lebanon MO

ROUTE 66 MURAL | 1 | Lebanon MO

ROUTE 66 MURAL | 2 | Lebanon MO

ROUTE 66 MURAL | 3 | Lebanon MO

Joplin MO