During the frigid winter months back home in Missouri, Paul had the opportunity to spend some time this January sunshining it up in Hawaii.

However, it wasn’t all play during Paul’s Honolulu trip.

Paul was hired by Daltile, a ceramic tile company, to create a mural for the famed Ala Moana Center: a beautifully expansive shopping center in Honolulu, with more than 250 stores and restaurants listed on its directory.

With over 50 years of combined experience between Paul and his team of architects and designers, the team made quick work of the tile mural’s installation.

Since the mural is in a public location, the team began the mural installation late at night, went back to their hotel to rest up, and went back to the location to finish the mural installation on the second night.

Once the mural was unveiled at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, an architectural rep from Daltile commented that “Paul and his team did an amazing job and the installation looks awesome! Mahalo Paul for all your hard work and of course thank you for making the trek to Honolulu to oversee the install. You rock”.

To learn more about tile installations created by Paul Whitehill, or to speak with a representive from Tile Mosaic & Mural Design about their consulting services, contact TMMD headquarters in Joplin, MO.