Whitehill Enterprises is at it again. Earlier this week, they announced the unveiling of two custom murals that they have recently completed for Crabby’s Restaurant right here in Joplin, Missouri. Whitehill, a full service provider of custom tile murals, decorative accents, and graphic design has been wowing the city of Joplin, and surrounding areas for quite a while. With over 50 years of combined experience, Paul and his team are specialists in this field of work and take pride in what they’ve accomplished thus far, including their most recent work at Crabby’s.

Mural Description

Prior to the recent addition of two murals at Crabby’s Seafood Bar & Grill, Paul Whitehill and his employees designed a tile mural highlighting a crab for one of the walls at the restaurant. Now, it is showcased along with two other murals. One of the additions displays the skeleton of a fish in the center, with a small lemon being squeezed in the upper left-hand corner, a radish in the upper right-hand corner, a shrimp in the lower left-hand corner, a crab claw in the lower right-hand corner, and the Crabby logo in the top center section of the piece. The third mural displays a large picture of a lobster with intricate detail. Overall, the addition compliments the restaurant and adds a nice contrast to the décor.

Celebratory Giveaway

Whitehill’s installment of two new murals at Crabby’s is exciting for both Whitehill and his team, as well as the folks at Crabby’s. Simply being excited is not enough, however. In order to properly celebrate, Paul Whitehill and rest of the Whitehill entourage are offering a $50 gift certificate to Crabby’s restaurant. One lucky winner will be chosen on June 22nd. In order to enter for your chance to win, you must currently like the Whitehill Enterprises Facebook page, and like, comment, or share the post regarding Paul Whitehill’s newest mural completion at Crabby’s. Do you love Whitehill Enterprises work but don’t reside near Joplin, MO? No worries, you can still enter! If you are the chosen on one June 22nd, the owner, Paul Whitehill, will generously donate $50 of his own money to a charity of your choice in place of the gift certificate!

Paul Whitehill and his team at Whitehill Enterprises are talented individuals who want to help you bring your dreams to reality. Through hard work and dedication, Whitehill has been making a difference in the city of Joplin for years. See what they can do for you. Call now at (417) 483-0566 or visit us at our office in Joplin, MO.