Across the United States, cities of all sizes are looking a bit more colorful these days. This is due to the rise of the public art mural! Amateurs and professional mural designers alike have been aiming to engage the community by turning empty city walls into huge canvases. “Murals build a sense of community,” muralist Grace McCammond once told St. Louis Public Radio. Many murals in downtown Joplin are commissioned by local property owners. Paul Whitehill, owner of Tile Mosaic & Mural Design, is very familiar with the workings of being commissioned for public arts projects.

Public murals help breathe life into less-popular parts of cities. Downtown Joplin is once again a local hotspot not just for the amazing restaurants and bars that line the Brick District, but for the distinct art murals, too.

Artists and arts organizations are an important resource in our path to building stronger connections. Opportunities for more even-footed conversation among groups lead to insight and a shared sense of community, and in turn lay the groundwork for exploration about how to maintain vital cultural and community traditions while inviting much-needed neighborhood investment.

One of our favorite examples of the power of the arts in Joplin is the “I Am Joplin” mural, which resides on 6th and Main St. Viewing this mural from a distance, the bold red words “I Am Joplin” jump out from the black and white background. But when you walk right up to it, you’ll see the faces of over 500 Joplinites printed on aluminum panels. Designed in 2013 by Art Feeds and Whitehill Enterprises as a “love letter to Joplin,” this project recruited Joplin residents to complete the sentence “I Am…” in relation to their role in the community. Kevin Deems Photography snapped the photos of people holding up signs with their completed sentences.

Public art murals signify strength, unity, and regrowth. What is your favorite public art mural in Joplin? Paul Whitehill and his team at Whitehill Enterprises are talented individuals who want to help you bring your dreams to reality. Through hard work and dedication, Whitehill has been making a difference in the city of Joplin for years. See what they can do for you. Call now at (417) 483-0566 or visit us at our office in Joplin, MO.