Paul Whitehill of Whitehill Enterprises arrived Wednesday morning to install the second Route 66 mural in Boswell park.

He brought with him 200 one foot square tiles and Ken Slankard, the company’s senior tile installer.

The tiles are numbered on the bottom edge. The number corresponds to a numbered grid showing the placement of each tile.

“There have been a few times in the past that we found a tile a little bit out of place,” Whitehill admitted with a chuckle.

Slankard used a standard tile mortar to set the tiles on the wall. He also used spacers to standardize the gap around each tile to make the final application of mortar between the tiles weather proof.

Whitehill uses two different processes for his tile murals. One he produces in Joplin for interior applications.

Source: The Lebanon Daily Record | Jun 22, 2017