Paul and his team at Whitehill Enterprises are proud to be located in Joplin, part of
the famed Route 66. People come from all over just for a chance to cruise historic
Route 66. Along their way, many stop at Route 66 Mural Park, settled in Joplin’s
historic Main Street.

There, visitors will find two large tile murals: Cruisin’ into Joplin and The American
Ribbon, both of these tile murals were proposed by Paul, and designed with the help
of fellow artists Chris Auckerman and Jon White.

The park displays another unique feature: a mock 1964 red Corvette that gives a
nostalgic nod to the origins of Route 66 (as well as an impressive backdrop for

The murals cover the south side of Pearl Brothers hardware store.

The Tile Mosaic & Mural Designs team is in the business of making masterpieces.
Are you ready for yours? Cruise around the rest of our site, or give Paul a call at
(417) 483-0566 to learn more about our custom tile mosaic and mural designs.