Tile mosaic is the cornerstone of Tile Mosaic & Mural Design by Paul Whitehill. It is the very thing that Paul has been studying and diligently practicing for years. But what exactly is tile mosaic?

Mosaic tiles are tiles that are usually 2 inches or smaller. They can be square-shaped (these are the typical tiles found in your local home improvement stores) or they can be odd shapes and sizes.

Mosaic tiles are most commonly made out of glass, ceramic, porcelain, or stone, and can come in a vast array of colors and designs.

These beautiful tiles are used to make a picture or design (whether abstract or true to life) that is constructed from the small, individual pieces, which, when used together to create a work, is the art known as tile mosaic.

The process of making tile mosaics is a painstaking process: it requires much care and forethought in order to not only design the tiles, but to install them into the overall work.

Mosaic tiles are most popularly used in one of two ways here at Whitehill Enterprises: custom tile murals or in decorative tiles.

Custom tile murals range in size from 1” to large format tiles and are used in both commercial and residential walls, as well as in indoor and outdoor settings.

Decorative tiles are made from a custom design and are wildly popular in restaurants, hospitality, public arts and parks, sporting arenas, and pools. Decorative tiles also look great in your home’s backspace, floor, and entryway.

No matter where you want to install new mosaic tile, Paul and the rest of the Tile Mosaic & Mural Design team are here to help! Schedule your consultation with one of the tile experts today.